The Sun Dress

The Sun Dress

Inspired by Solange's gold tinsel dress in her Cranes in the Sky video, I created my best imitation using a thrift store dress, gold tinsel and copious amounts of hot glue. The replica was created for Halloween 2016. The dress was also worn by local artist and performer (and friend) Itch Princess a.k.a. Kate Farstad during a performance at the White Page Gallery.

Solange Dress1.png
Solange Dress2.png
Solange Dress3.png

Screenshots from the Cranes in the Sky video. Although I could not find an exact credit for the dress, it was most likely designed by Tina Knowles, german designer Nadine Goepfert or Solange herself. Update: The dress was designed by Tina Knowles and Tim White.

The dress took two tries to complete, if you look in the bottom left corner of the above image you can see the destroyed first attempt. I had to strip off the tinsel to start again.